Outdoor cooling/heating rentals (UAE)

Dubai & Abu Dhabi are main attractions in UAE. Renting air outdoor coolers, outdoor AC’s, misting fans or patio heaters might be the best option because:

  1. Purchasing many outdoor coolers or patio heaters would be costly.
  2. You don’t need that many coolers or heaters after the event.
  3. You need to find storage space for all those units later when not used.

Rental service available within UAE only.

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We would send you several options to choose from

We offer all kinds of outdoor cooling & heating hire options within the Emirates. Custom temporary misting solutions also available.

Air outdoor coolers rental, misting fan rental, patio heater rental & outdoor ac rental in Dubai-UAE

Outdoor air coolers rentalPortable misting fans rentalOutdoor/Patio heaters rentalPortable/Outdoor AC rental

Starting from… AED100

The outdoor coolers we rent out range from medium to large (6000 to 26000 CMH)

These are evaporative type air coolers; meaning they use water evaporation to cool the air (an A/C use compressor/refrigerant). The evaporative cooling technique is Eco-friendly with less energy consumption.

However, It cause more humidity in air so It is more suitable for cooling open spaces. If you are looking for cooling a tent or closed areas, you might want to consider renting the portable AC option below.

Starting from… AED100

We strictly recommend to hire water mist fans for outdoors only. As the mist could make closed spaces very humid.

These portable fans are king of summer activities & sport events cooling. The kids love too.

Share your contact no. or email on WhatsApp & We will get back to you with options available to book.

Starting from… AED100

We only offer Climate+ patio heaters to rent for UAE customers. Meaning you get the best outdoor heaters in town. They are Dubai’s civil defense approved as well.

Beside safety features, they come with better ignition, thicker panels & much better look than others.

the options here are many; However, the most common types are mushroom & pyramid heaters. Other fancy options available as well. So contacts us now to get all options before booking.

  • Gas & bottles could be arranged at additional cost.

Starting from… AED200

We offer few portable A/C’s on hire basis ranging from 1 to 6ton capacity. Traditional A/C is still the king of indoor cooling vs evaporative air coolers. It is possible to place these portable units outdoors and duct the cool air in. Or place indoors and duct the hot air out.

Anyway, no worries as all ducting & installation is included for free.