Misting system

Misting system

The origin of the fog industry – Mist cooling

As a result of global climate change, the weather is becoming more and more extreme throughout the year and Dubai or the Emirates are no exception. The outdoor temperature in summer is very high. So almost every business households need to use or install cooling solution to maximize the comfort outside.

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Misting use


Mist can cool down, because when the water is small enough to be able to point to the form of evaporation it take away the heat.


In the past, Mist painting was applied to large parks. The new compact Misting unit can be quietly operated (only 40 decibels), and can be done on a smaller scale.


Rain / small water mist is a natural mosquito repellent method, mosquitoes will take the initiative to avoid water, so as not to wet the wings cannot afford to fly.

Energy saving

Air-conditioning into the wind cooling, and the water tower as the principle of water for the media so that the wind cooling, reduce head load, can save about 12% of electricity.

Dust reduction

As the size of the water mist and air in the dust (about PM2.5) similar to the effective adhesion of dust. Contrast sprinkler about 80% water fee

In addition to taste

Can be added to dilute addition to taste economic, clean air taste.



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